Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ericsson PTF-118 pager teardown

A recent ebay score was a job lot of 5 Ericsson pagers for the grand total of £10. The 'buy it now' temptation was too great and before I'd had a chance to look into the feasibility of getting these 90's era devices to do anything fun it was too late, I'd clicked the button.

Between committing to buy and the devices arriving, I'd managed to at least figure out that there are plenty of warning pages on ebay explaining that BT pagers will no longer work. Looking back, the seller had cunningly covered the blatant BT logo on the top right of the box with convenient positioning:

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Linksys EG008W switch repair

I've had a Linksys EG008W Gigabit ethernet switch for some time now, and other than a noisy fan and no jumbo frames it has worked pretty well over the last seven years or so. It comes in a case that's rather definitive for Linksys.

Sadly, in the last few days it has started acting up in the form of random resets. It's now got to the point where it's spending more time in reset than switching, which makes it rather useless unless you want a notwork. So, now's a good time to tear it apart!